In order to preserve its appearance and optimal performance your WM Watch requires periodical maintenance. Every Quartz watch contains a mechanism, and the frequency of maintenance depends on the model, the climate and the way and owner use the WM Watch. As a general rule, a Quartz watch should be given a full service approximately every 3-4 year to have is optimal performance.



First make sure the crown is fully screwed down.
If the seals in your WM Watches watch have been changed and tested at an authorised service centre within the last 12 months, then you can use a soft brush with slightly soapy water to clean the case, then rinse it with clear water and dry it with a soft cloth.
If you have any doubts about the water-resistance of your watch, simply clean it with a soft brush then dry it.


Leather is a delicate and sensitive living material that requires specific care and attention. To preserve its qualities and conserve it for as long as possible, we recommend that you avoid the following situations:  
Contact with water, exposure to excessive humidity, which may deform and discolour the material, prolonged exposure to sunlight, which may have a harmful effect on its colour and quality, cosmetics and oily materials, which can stain the leather, which is a permeable material.
We recommend that you entrust the changing of your leather strap either to an authorised retailer or to contact our WM Watches customer service department.



We recommend that you have the battery changed when your quartz watch stops. When you notice that the seconds hand jumps once every four or five seconds, this means that the battery is about to come to the end of its working life.
Please note that you are advised against leaving a used battery inside your watch since it may leak and thus damage the movement. 
We advise you to entrust your WM Watch either to an authorised retailer or to contact our WM Watches customer service so that they can proceed to replace the battery.
For more details about maintenace and warranty, please contact our WM Watches customer service departement.